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In the year 2012, the creators of The Magic Dream Line were the pioneers worldwide in developing other ways to drink wine. Joining wine to fantasy and magic was possible. After all this time, we are proud to have been the creators of a new beverage category: The Fantasy Drinks with magic effect.

The Magic Dream Line is magic, fantasy, fun, celebration, but above all it is a Dream. The Magic Dream Line is created for dreamers, for optimistic, innovative and fun people who know that there is nothing more important when opening a bottle than to get a smile and a sparkle in the eyes of the people with whom they share it. To be alive is to have dreams. Dreams are on The Magic Dream Line. Share them with the people you love the most.

New sensations

Enjoy the The Magic Dream Line spirit as we do building our exclusive Dream Line World. Creating new and magical taste sensations throughout our range is the engine that allows us to continue experimenting with the same daring and passion. Fantasy, magic, design and illusion are the values ​​that guide us. An inspirational model for the unique way that The Magic Dream Line makes you enjoy your celebrations.

A magical mix

Throughout the Mediterra-nean, grows the grape from which The Magic Dream Line is made. Innovating during the production process, we have managed to give the product range a unique magical touch. Thanks to a careful selection of the best grapes, The Magic Dream Line has a wide variety flavors in its sparkling wines, from the dry palate of champagne to the semi- sweet flavor of the precious variety moscatel.


Nuestros vinos espumosos tienen un efecto visual mágico. Toda la gama está hecha de productos 100% naturales. El proceso de producción se lleva a cabo en grandes bodegas personal calificado que nos permite adaptarnos a las necesidades y tendencias del mercado como así como garantizar la calidad y cantidad de producción.

Actualmente, Dream Line se considera como un producto estrella en Bélgica, los Países Bajos, el Reino Unido, España, Suecia, México, Hong Kong y los EE. UU. Así como en las mejores zonas turísticas de Tailandia y Malasia.



Let yourself be seduced by the diversity of flavours in our range of artisanal liqueur creams. From the exotic Loquat to the classic Anise, each bottle is an ode to taste and quality. With natural ingredients and a touch of creativity, our creations are the perfect choice for those looking for a unique and healthy tasting experience.


Our sparkling wines have a magical visual effect. The entire range is made from 100% natural products. The production process takes place in large warehouses with qualified personnel that allow us to adapt to the needs and trends of the market as well as guarantee the quality and quantity of production.

Currently, Dream Line is regarded as a flagship product in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, Hong Kong and the USA. As well as in the best tourist areas of Thailand and Malaysia


Enjoy a magical, alcohol-free experience with Dream Line Purple. Thanks to its finesse and flavour you can drink it to make any occasion unforgettable

As a way to enhance flavors and get a sense of our enjoyment, "The Touch Purple" can be paired with sweet foods, enhancing both flavors, and can also be taken to balance slightly salty foods.

With an intense amethyst color, limpid and bright. With violet reflections in the glass disc that give it its quality of freshness and youth. Attractive "silver cloud" effect to rotate the bottle. The nose is clean, fresh, very fruity and floral. Reminiscent of the aromas of violets, red fruits and tropical fruits. On the palate it is fresh, pleasant, spicy, sweet and fresh in acidity, and a long and intense fruity aftertaste. It corresponds very well with the nose.

Serve chilled between 8º and 10 º. 0% Vol.


Unleash your bartending spirit and prepare cocktails with Purple Touch that will leave no one indifferent. They are unique. A mix of fun, fantasy, magic... Do you dare to try?



- 1 lemon
- 45 ml gin
- Dream Line Purple
- Ice
- Spices


- Fill a glass with several ice cubes, stir to cool the glass, and remove it.
- Add 45ml of gin, about a third of the glass.
- Place ice back in the glass and add Dream Line Purple.
- As a finishing touch, add spices to taste.



- 45 ml Vodka
- 15 ml Cointreau
- Lime/ Lemon Juice
- Dream Line Purple
- Berries


- Pour 40 ml. vodka, 15 ml. into the shaker. Cointreau, 5 ml. lemon or lemon juice and Dream Purple Touch.
- Add ice and shake.
- Add ice for a special touch, flame a coin-sized piece of orange. For an extra citrus oil flavor, and add it to glass.shake.
- Moisten the rim of the glass with lemon juice and top with sugar.



- 2 mint sprigs
- 2 tablespoons sugar
- 1 file
- 45ml White Rum
- Dream Line Purple


- Squeeze the juice from the 2 limes into a glass. Add 2 teaspoons of place and mix well.
- Add 2 sprigs of peppermint, including the stem, and release the essential oils by gently squeezing with a spoon.
- Half fill the glass with crushed ice and add Dream Line Purple Touch and white rum.
- Mix well and as a finishing touch, garnish with mint leaves.



Try the magic touch of our sparkling wines and get ready to experiment unfamiliar sensations.


Any place in the world is a good place to feel the fantasy and magic of the Dream Line.


Your exquisite palate will notice the difference. Dream Line is pure magic.


Dream Line is different, give it as a gift and surprise your friends with our sparkling wines.


Our sparkling wines are unique. We are the creators of fantasy drinks with a magical effect.


The incredible place where all our wines are born and grow.


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Come to our world. A place where magic and fantasy come together. Where avant-garde and fun feel very close. We want to inspire you, invite you to live new emotions in your celebrations sharing unique moments thanks to our magic touch. We put a lot of passion in all we do. Are you like us? Follow us on Instagram!

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To celebrate, there is no doubt that with Dream Line you will surprise. It is the ideal drink for personal or corporate events. With our sparkling drinks, your celebration will be a magical and unsurpassed experience.

Currently, Dream Line is a common drink at parties, weddings and the best hotels and restaurants in several countries in Europe, Asia and the USA.


Dream Line leading brand as fantasy drink. Some of our events around the world..


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